Arizona is Transient and Time is of the Essence

Arizona has a lot of movement of its population moving in and out of the State. Studies show that for every three people that move here, two leave. That is a large migration of folks in and out especially when you look at Arizona’s historical growth rate. This movement of people could impact your accident claim too. If you do not conduct your investigation, interview witnesses and establish all the things you need to prove the fault of the other folks involved, then finding those people who saw the accident and can help you meet your burden of proof may be very difficult and costly. In short, time is of the essence and there is no substitute for proper preparation of your claim. Be sure to review our section entitled The Basics of an Accident Claim for more information.

There are many nuances to each claim and only an experienced accident attorney can fully assess what needs to happen and when. At Pfarr & Rethore we are always happy to review your claim with you to see if we can be helpful to you, and add value to your claim in excess of our fees. For a free consultation, please call 602.424.5547 or complete our online contact form.