Police Reports

Depending on the location of the accident, police reports generally are available within seven to fourteen days after the accident. The officer should have given you exchange information detailing the report number and the other driver’s personal information to facilitate you obtaining the full report. The accident exchange card is not the full accident report. The report is written and filed with the responding police department and not given to you at the scene. Also, don’t be surprised if the full police report may be different then what the officer told you at the scene. For this reason alone, it is important to see the full report, as the insurance company will certainly review it.

Next, information on police reports is routinely being redacted in Arizona under the guise of privacy protection. This has made interviewing witnesses and establishing liability much more difficult. Don’t assume the police report will contain all the information you need to successfully present your claim. Plus, a police report is not generally admissible in court as it is a hearsay document. As a result, you will need to conduct your own investigation to assure that you can overcome the liability or who’s at fault hurdle. Be sure to take witness information down at the scene.

Although each police department has a slightly different way of how it presents accident information, generally the first page of a police report typically sets out who was involved, where he or she lives, and the details the vehicles involved. If there are passengers you will also see his or her information, where they sitting in the vehicle, and what type of retrain system they used. Witness information and any photographic evidence are detailed at the bottom of the first page.

The second page of a typical police report discusses road conditions, vehicle movements, and other scene information. Citations are usually listed at the top right hand corner.

The third page is usually a narrative of the accident itself derived from the statements made by the drivers and witnesses to the accident and any physical evidence. A diagram should be included as well. The final page of a report is often where nay written witness statements are attached.

To obtain a police report:

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