Truck Accidents

Any accident involving a truck generally results in severe injuries and extensive property damage. These types of accidents also are very complicated because who insured the truck versus the trailer can be different depending on the trucking company ownership. Whether the truck was properly maintained and operated (had the driver exceeded his run time for the day) is a central question that needs to be fully investigated right after the accident. Truck companies know this and aggressively investigate these accidents right at the scene before the vehicles are even moved, and often while you’re receiving emergency medical care and can’t do it yourself. As a result, most people involved in these types of accidents are playing catch-up.

These types of accidents require the help of someone experienced in handling trucking claims. The sooner you can get an experienced attorney involved in looking at the physical evidence, inspecting the truck, interviewing witnesses, pulling the gas receipts and driving log of the truck driver, and hiring experts, the greater likelihood you will be successful in the resolution of your claim.

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