Broken Bones & Fractures

Broken bones and fractures can result in severe accidents. What this means is your body experienced force from the impact greater than what your bone strength could withstand. Sometimes the force can be so extreme as to require the affected area be surgically repaired to provide stability and strength by inserting pins, screws, plates and rods. Often this hardware needs to be removed later. As you can imagine, you will likely incur a great deal of medical expenses, pain and suffering and recovery time.

Please review our section on what to do if you are involved in a Car Accident. Coordinating insurance benefits, being careful to not sign assignment of benefits forms or liens, and conducting a through investigation of the accident and insurance coverage available is extremely important. Medical expenses and unknowingly waiving your rights can erode what you receive from any settlement. We have heard many horror stories of people that have been involved in these types of situations, and have not protected themselves and their family, only to settle a claim and not realize that they had obligated themselves to pay back more then what they received by way of a settlement. The insurance company will not educate you about all the pitfalls that abound. Their only objective is to get from you a full release for their insured and settle a claim as inexpensively as they can. You are the person that was injured in the accident, and had to suffer through the challenges of getting better, and you should receive something as a result rather than simply being the bill collector for your medical providers.

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