Back & Neck Injuries

Many people sustain back and neck injuries in an automobile accident. Sometime they don’t feel the full affects for several days after the accident. The medical literature is full of documented instances when a neck and back injury can be more debilitating long term then a broken bone if left untreated. However, insurance companies and juries tend to be skeptical of these injuries. Therefore, good medical record documentation is essential.

If you have suffered or think you may have a back and/or neck injury, you need to seek medical attention. Our experience is that people who receive medical care recovered far better then those who did not. Only a doctor will be able to fully evaluate the nature and extent of your injury and recommend a course of treatment to help you recover.

If you do not have insurance or know a doctor who can assist you, please contact our office at 602.424.5547 or contact us online. Our office has worked with many doctors throughout Arizona and can help you find someone who can help you feel better.