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You have been in an automobile accident in Maricopa County or Arizona, what now? Most people if they have been lucky don’t have any experience to draw on that can help them navigate their way through the claims process and what needs to happen and when. Getting free advice from an experienced Arizona attorney should be your first step. Pitfalls abound and knowing what information to give, and when, while coordinating insurance benefits, finding a doctor and fixing your car can be overwhelming if you have not done it before. Whether you choose to hire an attorney to assist you, understanding the process is critical to presenting a successful claim. Our office has a lot of information to help you through this difficult time. However, each claim is different and you’re welcome to call us toll free at 602.424.5547 for a free consultation about your particular accident.

Personal injury claims such as car accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, and uninsured/underinsured motorist claims involve many complicated issues including dealing with medical, hospital, Medicare and AHCCCS liens. Many health insurance companies often erroneously try and claim reimbursement against settlement proceeds. Understanding and knowing your rights is essential to successfully navigate your way through the claim process. Don’t assume the insurance company or a person claiming a lien against your settlement will properly advise you. Please utilize the resources of our website to help you understand the myriad of challenges facing you or call our office about your specific accident.

In these difficult economic times, insurance companies are more strident than ever to get you to make a quick settlement. Obviously, this helps them keep claim expenses low, and may help you recover from this additional disruption in your life. However, there are a number of moving parts in every claim and we highly recommend that you take advantage of our various resources centers on the top left hand side of this page to help guide you through a particular part of the claim process. If you have just a property damage claim, you can down load “The Car Accident Handbook” app on iTunes, which will walk you through the process, give you a worksheet, and help you locate repair shop near you.

Pfarr & Rethore attorneys successfully have handled thousands of claims for client in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe, Tonopah and throughout Arizona. We’re experienced at evaluating accident claims, and the services our firm provides can help you recover more then if you handled the claim yourself. Our website is designed to be a resource to you and your friends and families should they ever be involved in an accident. However, we’re here to assist you and answer any other questions and concerns you may still have. Call or contact us online.

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